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Based in the Washington DC area - Serving the eastern United States
 Weekly West Coast Swing Dance instruction, parties and special events for the mid-Atlantic.
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We can provide references from current customers. Our reputation for customer satisfaction has remained at near 100%. We are serious about delivering on every promise because the success of our customer's events depends on it. Our specialized resources, experienced team and dedication to getting the job done right the first time help us to deliver on budget, on time, every time.

This is a partial list of recent customers. In addition these we also service many private events and one time special occasions. Nobody has more experience and expertise than the Dance Jam Productions team.

NDCA Dancesport Competitions
Empire Dance Championship (NY)
Maryland Dancesport Championships (MD)
Cleveland Dancesport Challenge (OH)
Manhattan Dancesport Championship (NY)
NY Dance Festival (NY)
Constitution State Dancesport Challenge (CT)
Eastern US Danceport Championships (MA)
Capital Dancesport Championships (VA)
Northcoast Ballroom Championships (OH)

Tri-State Challenge Dancesport Championships (CT)
Northeastern Open Dancesport Championships (CT)
Yuletide Ball Dancesport Championships (DC)
ISTD Imperial Danceport Championship (VA)
Miami Vibe (FL)
Atlantic Dancesport Challenge (MD)
Savannah Dancesport Classic (GA)
American Star Ball (NJ)
Michigan Dancesport Classic (MI)
Volunteer State Dancesport Challenge (TN)
Carolina Classic (NC)
Cincinnati Ballroom Classic (OH)
Philadelphia Festival (PA)
Baltimore Dancesport Challenge (MD)
Chicago Crystal Ball (IL)
New Jersey State Open (NJ)
Indiana Challenge Dancesport (IA)
Platinum Dancesport Classic (FL)
North American Dancesport Championship (IA)
Washington Open Dancesport Competition (VA)
Three Rivers Dance Challenge (PA)
Boston Ballroom Cup (MA)
Paragon Open Dancesport (NJ)
Boston Ballroom Competition & Confernce (MA)
Kings Ball (NYC)
Washington Dance Challenge (DC)
Columbus Dancesport Classic (OH)
Motown Showdown (MI)
Fantasy Ball (VA)
Golden Star Dancesport Championship (NJ)
Riverfront Dancesport Festival (OH)
Pennsylvania Ballroom Scrimmage (PA)
Omaha Dance Challenge (NE)
Ohio Star Ball (OH)
Commonwealth Classic (MA)

Amateur & Collegiate Dancesport
Manhattan Amateur Classic (NY)
New Jersey Ballroom Cup (NJ)
Nyemcheck JR Allstar (NJ)
ISDF World Latin Championship (NY)
Mid Atlantic Dance Championship (MD)
USA Dance National Championship (MD)
Boston University's Terrier Dancesport Championship (MA)
U of Pennsylvania Clover Star Classic (PA)
U of MD DC Dancesport Inferno (MD)
Columbia University's Big Apple Danceport Challenge (NY)
New Jersey Dancesport Classic (NJ)
Harvard University (MA)
New England Dancesport Championship (MA)
Cornell University (NY)
Triangle Dancesport Championships (NC)
River City Ballroom (VA)
New York University (NY)
2014 Gay Games (OH)
Glitz & Glitter (OH)
American Dancesport Championship (MA & FL)

Studio Showcases & Closed Competitions
Dance Legends (NY)
Dance Fever (MA)
Fred Astaire Fairfax (VA)
Fred Astaire Reston (VA)
Fred Astaire Columbus (OH)
Columbus Dancesport Challenge (OH)
Freddy Ball (OH)
Buckeye Ball (OH)
Arthur Murray Studios (VA)
Du Shur Studio (MD)
That's Dancing (MD)
Ravel Studio (VA)
Chevy Chase Ballroom (DC)
Harborview Marine (MD)
Capital Feis (VA)
Dance For The Cure Banquet (MD)
Marymount University (VA)
Academy Dance Studios (PA)
DC's Dancing Stars (VA)

Washington DC Venues
Kennedy Center
Mellon Auditorium
National Building Museum
French Embassy
Italian Embassy
Austrian Embassy
Finland Embassy
Mexico Embassy
National Press Club
Ronald Reagan Building
Freedom Plaza
Washington Golf & County Club
National Harbor Sunset Room
Bethesda Naval Medical Center 

Dance Camps & Social Dance Events
Stardust Dance Weekends (NY)
Independence Day Ball (MD)
New Years Day Ball (FL)
WOW Linedance Festival (NJ)
Low Country Linedance Festival (SC)
Virgina Linedance Festival (VA)
MD Square Dancers Foundation (MD)
Washington Area Square Dancers Cooperative
Kankouran African Dance Co. (DC)
Ballroom on the Beach (MD)
O.C. Beach Dance Weekend (MD)
Dancing With Our Stars (FL)
Tango Element (MD)
Washington Area Square Dancers Cooperative (VA)
Sawa Sawa Kizomba Festival (DC)
Tango Marathon (MD)
Single Square Dancers Dance 0 Rama (VA)
Dancing with Hopkins Stars (MD)
DC-Out (DC)
Dance-A-Rama squares (VA)
Union Crew linedance (MD)
Parkside Project lindance (PA)

Latin Dance Events
Philadelphia Salsa Festival (PA)
Baltimore Salsa & Bachata Festival (MD)
DC Salsa Captial Congress (VA)
World Salsa Competition (FL)
New York Salsa Congress (NY)
DC Bachata Experience (DC)
Miami Salsa Rueda Congress (FL)
Boston Salsa Congress (MA)
World Latin Dance Cup (FL)
Philadelphia Bachata Festival (PA)
DC Salsa & Bachata (VA)
DC Kizomba (DC)
Sawa Sawa Kizomba (DC)
Masters of Bachata (VA)
Interfusion Dance Festival (VA)
Zouk N Play (NJ)
New Jersey Bachata Kizomba (NJ)
International Hustle & Salsa (FL)
Salsa Underground (MD)

Swing, Country & Hustle Dance Events
International Lindy Hop Championships (VA)
All Balboa Weekend (OH)
Toronto Swing & Hustle Championship (ON)
New York Hustle Congress (NY)
Louisville Swing Dance Society (KY)
Piedmont Swing Dance Society (NC)
Tri State Hand Dance Competition (VA)
Capital Shag Classic (VA)
IAGLCWDC National Championship (DC, GA, MO)
Big Easy Dance Classic (LA)
CASH Bash (OH)
Jammin in July (OH)
Miami Dance Magic (FL)
Easterns Dance Challenge (VA)
Mid Atlantic Dance Classic (MD)
US National Dance Championship (VA)
Sunshine State Dance Challenge (FL)
Freedom Swing Dance Challenge (PA)
Swing Pittsburgh (PA)
Swing Fling (VA)
Mid Atlantic Dance Jam (VA)
Virginia Open Swing Dance Championships (VA)
Eastern Balboa Championships (NC)
The Balboa Experiment (NC)
Disco America (PA)
Frankie 95 (NYC), Frankie 100 (NYC)
Big Apple Dance Challenge (NJ)
Lindy Focus (NC)
Philly Swing Classic (PA)
Swing Trilogy (NC)
Spotlight Dance Challenge (MI)
Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown (LA)
DC Hand Dance Club NYE (MD)
Meet Me at the Beach (MD)
Liberty Swing Dance Championship (NJ)
Charlotte Westie Fest (NC)
Michigan Dance Challenge (MI)
Upstate Dance Challenge (NY)
Swing Out New Hampshire (NH)
DC Swing eXperience (DC)
Hand Dance eXplosion (MI)
Swustlicious (PA)

Social Organizations
Things To Do DC
Red Carnation Events
Face 2 Face Singles
US Navy Corps
International Club of DC
Club Med Resorts
Midnight Sun Productions
Dancing For Dreams
Baltimore Marine Center
BDC Promotions
DC Rawhides

Youth Dance
Revel Dance Competition tours 2017, 2018, 2019
(MI, MD, NC, MN, TN, VA, TX, RI, FL, GA, OH, NJ)
Faces of the Future (PA)

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