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Focused West Coast Swing Training
May 14th, 2016 - Rockville, MD.

July 29, 2017 -  Three supersize West Coast Swing Lead/Follow workshops with Kay Newhouse & Matthew Smith
These group workshops are a great opportunity to improve your skills and connect with other West Coast Swing enthusiasts from Washington DC's amazing dance community. You'll have a blast! Participation is limited. Pre-registration is required. All students must have fluid knowledge of these basic WCS patterns: starter step, sugar push, left side pass, under arm turn, tuck and whip. These classes are appropriate for "adv beginner to advanced intermediate" level leaders and followers, in either role.
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Matthew Smith & Kay Newhouse

Kay Newhouse and Matthew Smith’s creativity and musical playfulness are based in partnership and clean fundamental techniques of West Coast Swing. One of the most popular and accomplished social dancers in DC’s large and friendly scene, Kay is known for her friendly warmth as a partner and inclusive sense of community. Now living in Chicago, IL, Matthew is not only longtime favorite social dancer in DC but also consistently graces the stage at local and national competitions. Both are highly respected traveling teachers and prominent judges on the WCS circuit who continually emphasize the importance of social dancing in the fabric of our scene. Matthew & Kay’s workshops are known for being elegantly planned, focused towards leaders and followers alike, and taught with clarity, warmth and a sense of humor. They will quickly help you become the kind of dancer who can create something fun with every partner. Learn more at

West Coast Swing
Patterns give us the footing, music builds a foundation, and partnership make it all sing in this amazing creative dance. In these three supersize workshops Kay & Matthew guide us in exploring concepts of partnership, the three T’s [timing, technique and teamwork!], and our own ability to communicate with a partner of any level with comfort and ease. These workshops will work best if you value dancing that has an edge of fun to it, already have a fluid grasp of the basic patterns of the dance, and want to add connection in leading and following playful patterns.

Saturday July 29 Workshops @ Dave Moldover's private home studio (Rockville, MD)
Each class is priced at $30 separately, or as a full day of classes for $65 in advance. You must pre-register using the links below. Directions will be distributed after you register.  For information about the studio contact Dave. For information about the class content contact Kay.

Schedule & Registration
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Noon Doors Open for warmup dancing!
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12:30 pm Pizza Toss and Texas Tommy Come to Town
Cool moves with sauce & smiles come from the fundamental gold-star techniques established in this class. We’ll focus on partnership and body flight that’s smooth and clean. Flashy hand changes and razzle dazzle tosses and folds will be easy as pie with high fives all around.
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2:00 pm Swing Me Baby, Take Me for a RIDE
Whee! It’s a RIDE for everyone -- from the kind you can sneak into a plain Jane whip to a fabulous Champion level hair-flying hoopdedoo, using twinned momentum to make things fun within the lead/follow dynamic of this awesome dance.
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3:30 pm Duck Rattle & Roll - Or Not!
Gentle warmups and observant communication make those westie swouky head rolls and ducks easy to do and fun for both of us! We’ll focus on how to truly lead and follow comfortably and happily on these cool nifty upper body moves.

4:45-5:15 pm open dancing, practice & questions

5:30 After-workshop pizza! Meet-up at Mamma Lucia in Olney Village Center!

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